Articles of Interest

Riding with Ghosts of the Past, by Genie Stewart-Spears, Multiday Endurance Stories, November 1995

End the Slaughter of America's Horses
The Humane Society of the United States, June 5, 2007

'Dollar Horse' from Livermore Wins Regional Equestrian Title
Front page article 1/9/03 issue of the Livermore Independent

Trailblazers Help Make Riding Fun, by Ron McNicoll
Independent Newspaper, March/2004

Emergency Medicine in Dogs and Horses, by Becky Offutt
UC Davis Vet Med – Class of 2006

Restricted Free Feeding, by Brynn Bollinger 2009

Favorite Books

In The Company of Horses – A Year on the Road with Horseman Mark Rashid by Kathleen Lindley
Review by Marilyn Russell

Horse Biographies

Shawn the Wonder Horse, by Carol Mingst

My Mule, Georgia Peach, by Nancy Brown

Notcho, by Roberta Klemm

Rowan, by Nick Warhol

Kheona Khlassic, by Lisa Walker

Farm's Moon Runner, by Michele Theobald

Quincy, by Marilyn Russell

Tail of Two Horses, by Linda Evans

Member's Stories

Trailblazers Silver Lake Ride, July 1997
by Nick Warhol

Trailblazers’ Wildflower Ride, April 2001
by Andi Schreibman

Trailblazers Pt. Reyes Weekend, August 2001
by Andi Schreibman

Jack Brooks Ride, September 2003
by Anonymous

Charles Wilhelm Trail Clinic, June 2005
by Jane Hart

Trailblazers Silver Lake Ride, July 2005
by Andi Schreibman

We'll Miss Sabrina
Letter from Nick Warhol to Andi Schreibman

Tevis 2007 – A Crew’s Perspective
by Nick Worhol