FARM'S MOON RUNNER by Michele Theobald

Black & White QH Mare born May 10th 1995

Moonie is my first horse.  I just got her at the end of April this year.  I've wanted a horse since I was about 2 years old.  It's about time don't you think?!  I spent 3 months looking for a horse and thought I found "the" horse twice.  But the first horse tried to bite me after getting me to like her and we were very concerned she would bite my kids.  The 2nd one got really nervous when I took my family to see her and I ended up not even letting the kids pet her.  That night I found Moonie.  Her seller said she was 100% kid proof and she had purchased her because her young daughter had snuck out and was climbing on her without incident - even though she had a foal at her side!  It's true, my kids have even ridden their bikes around her and she is one cool girl.  My 9 year old daughter is now riding her.  Moonie gets spooked by other things occasionally and I! just fell off for the first time on Wednesday!  I thought your horse was supposed to stay with you when you fell off?  She ran full speed ahead all the way back home (about 2 miles).  Stinker. 

Supposedly Moonie started life riding handicapped children at a center in Idaho (?).  She's also had 4 babies.  I'd like for her to have one more before she gets much older.  I'd like to try for a Black and White baby. I've taken her to Camp Arroyo to give kids rides during the summer.  We are looking forward to doing much more of that in the future.  I think it's the best therapy anyone could ask for.  I wish my Sister-In-Law lived closer so I could give her rides.  She has MS but lives in Maine.  I've read that burn victims skin is stretched better during a ride on a horse than it can be done surgically.  I recently talked to a couple of kids that became paralyzed due to injuries.  Apparently if the "gait" is right, it can stimulate their brain to re-learn how to walk.  I love the smile on the face of a child that loves horses when they get the ! opportunity to ride one. I've also ridden at night several times.  Good thing I didn't read that horses don't like flashlights before I tried it!  I even have a baseball cap with a flashlight in it!  There's nothing like a ride during a full moon. Moonie and I can't wait to go on more rides with the TVT!  It's been hard to find a riding buddy.  We went on the Del Valle Poker ride and had an excellent time!