Kheona Khlassic by Lisa Walker
February 2006

½ Arabian Filly born 5/20/2004

Here's my story ~ I had always wanted a horse raising him/her from a foal. I bred my beloved first mare, unfortunately, having to put her beautiful colt to sleep after only eight days from his birth due to an unfortunate accident. I was blessed by close friends with a beautiful Crèmelo/Overo Paint mare, Dolly, with an outstanding pedigree to lease. Dolly was bred to Khartoon Khlassic (purebred Arabian; a Khemosabi son carrying the rare sabino gene). Dolly's first foal was born at 320 days which could be considered a bit on the early side; however, he was perfectly healthy. Kheona was Dolly's second foal born approximately one month early. She was definitely considered a preemie requiring 7 days at UC Davis in ICU. Today, she is an extremely beautiful and very healthy Smokey Black or Sutty Buckskin filly ~ time will tell... I always knew I would someday know why she made such an early debut! Having lost my m! other at three years of age, I hadn't before noticed her exact birth date in May as we always celebrated it on Mother's Day. When at her last resting place this year, I happen to take notice of her exact birth date. This discovery hit me like a ton of bricks ~ Yes, it is May 20 too!

Having Kheona in ICU for 7 days at UC Davis proved to be quite an expense; finding out she was born on the same day as my Mother, Priceless! There will always be a very special place in my heart for Kheona; a tender memory and reminder of someone I have always yearn to know. Sometimes we don't understand why things happen until God leads us to the light. My Mother is not gone forever right now she's just out of sight. Someday when we meet again and I take God by the hand, we will smile at one another and know this was always in God's Plan. Kheona (Keona, Hawiian spelling) is Hawiian for God's Gracious Gift. We are and always will be a match made in Heaven.