Tail of Two Horses, by Linda Evans


Luther is a Thoroughbred/Warmblood. He came to me from a girlfriend in Oregon. Luther had been in her pasture for several years. He had originally been bought by a doctor's wife to use as a dressage horse. She apparently was over her head and Luther did not like being kept in a stall. He apparently banged around pretty good and scared her. The doctor’s wife gave him to the Stable Hand/Groomer under the conditions that she not sell him. The Stable Groomer got pregnant and became a mother, hence, Luther was out in my friend’s pasture and not being used. My girlfriend convinced her that she really should get him to a good home where he would get some attention – as all her attention was going to the new baby. So Luther was brought from Oregon to me in Livermore. He came with the entire blankets and travel boots, etc. He was approximately 16 years old and stood 16.2 hands. I don’t think he’d ever been ridden except in the arena. And now he just loves the trails, and moves out. He doesn’t care if he is out front and generally gets along with everyone. True to her word, the Groomer did not ask for any money.


Rabbit is a Standardbred – he was used in cart racing. He was not a constant winner, and so he was no longer wanted. The trainer sold him to a guy I worked with. When my friend’s children got bored with the horse, he offered to sell him to me. At the time, I had more horses than asses to ride them, and I told him no. About 6 months later, he came to me again and said that he had an offer for me. He would give me the horse, as they didn’t want to have the expense of upkeep while they were waiting for spring to sell him. I decided to take the offer, and picked Rabbit up in Placerville. He had been living in a very small area with another horse. Now he can roam in the pasture. Rabbit is 9 years old and I have been having a wonderful time with him. When I first got him, he hadn’t been out on the trail much, and was not comfortable with water (mud puddles or water crossings). He is now a champ, and I have to watch him – so he doesn’t lie down in the water.

As we all know, it isn’t the cost of the horse – it is everything else that goes along with it that will become the big black money hole and isn’t that the HORSES HONEST TRUTH!