In The Company of Horses
A Year on the Road with Horseman Mark Rashid
by Kathleen Lindley

Review by Marilyn Russell

This book was recommended by Tina Hutton during the clinic she gave TVT at the end of September (2007) and I agree totally. I am going to quote the last paragraphs from the chapter on Hope, just to give you a feeling for the writer's insight as well as a grand message for the coming year:

"And most of all, I like having horses around me all the time, where I can watch them, smell them, touch them, and learn from them.

"Horses themselves embody hope in a lot of ways. They begin every day hoping for the best, even if yesterday didn't turn out very well for them. It seems they are just naturally optimistic. When we're working with them, I think we should try to leave them the way they're made – cheeful, sensitive, powerful, and gorgeous. Horses have a peace about them. Just having them around shows us that peace and hope are possible in our own lives.

"If we can preserve those things in the horse, maybe we can find them in ourselves. That's my hope, anyway."