Curried Rice Salad
Submitted by Marilyn Russell

Prepare one package of Rice-a-Roni – be sure to use a little less water and cook until almost all the water is absorbed and the rice is fluffy. (I used the Asian Rice-a-Roni this time, with slivered almonds. If you want to add chicken, use the chicken flavor. I also use lower salt versions if I can find them.)


1 jar artichoke hearts (I dice them up) and all juice
Mayonaisse to moisten
Chopped green onion & celery
Salt & pepper to taste
1+ teasp curry (I like more!)

Mix thoroughly and enjoy.

I added Kashi Pilaf (hard to find, but better than plain Kashi (buckwheat).
I have used brown and/or wild rice, too.
You can add chopped chicken, shrimp or crab for a heartier main dish.
Extra almond slivers, small bits of cauliflower or jicama, and mushroom slices all blend well and add crunch!