Trailblazers Pt. Reyes Weekend, August 2001
by Andi Schreibman

Dick Quigley led yet another great weekend for the Trailblazers at Pt. Reyes, August 17 – 19th.  Participants were JoAnn Swift, Jane Hart (both arrived Thursday), Dick, Sandy Kinsella, Karen Schwartz (with brand new gorgeous truck and living quarters trailer) daughter Kristen Edwards, and their spouses and significant others, Andi Schreibman, Jean Schreiber, Susan Dockter, Janet Berkey, Brynn Bollinger, Tom Slone and Kathy Grandfield (the last three arrived Saturday morning).  Pt. Reyes was a welcome breath of fresh cool air after leaving the Bay Area which was upwards of 100 degrees! 

Dick led the main ride Saturday with Karen, Kristen, Andi, Jean, and Brynn, while the other members went off on their own rides.  We followed Greenpicker Trail (some of it has been rerouted, and unfortunately the steps, my personal favorite part, are no longer there!), to Fir Top, over to Crystal Lake Trail, which is clearly marked as not maintained.  DUH!  It didn’t seem bad at first, but then the trail narrowed and became completely overgrown in several spots.  You had to put your arms in front of your face to keep the branches off of you or push them aside to pass through!  It was an adventure!  I don’t think anyone escaped without some scratches, and I know I’ve been fighting the usual poison oak all week, which I basically know I can count on every time I go there!  The horses were all excellent.  We did some trotting and even some (unplanned) cantering, though most was walking.  Relieved t! o finally get to the end of Crystal Lake Trail, we hit Coast and tho we were close to the beach and Wildcat, we decided to skip it and head back up Old Out since it was already 3pm; then back to Fir Top and down Greenpicker.  Good choice I say, because by the time we made it back  I’ll readily admit I was more than ready to be done…6 hours out is the max this rider cares to do these days!  A bit of a rest period, a good hot shower, and we all gathered by the campfire for an amazing potluck after 7.  This was definitely one of our better ones!  Dick made a huge London broil after ingeniously preparing hot coals to cook it on by the fire; there was fresh Italian bread dipped in flavored olive oils, a plethora of tasty salads, fresh Brentwood corn, the mandatory baked beans,  a fabulous cobbler, and I can’t remember all the rest but there was a LOT! 

There were no raccoons, foxes or deer in camp this year and we can’t explain why but it didn’t seem right. 

Sunday several people rode toward the visitors center…Dick, Karen and Kristen went on a short ride and turned back while Sandy, Andi and Brynn continued on.  Susan and Janet did their own ride to the Visitors Center and Tom and Kathy, who were staying one more night, did their own long ride.  This year, for the first time ever, we actually visited the Morgan Horse Ranch right near the visitors center. After all these years!  It was a great place, really nice volunteers, they let us bring our horses up there and tie while we looked around at the immaculate facilities, the fine tack,  and the pretty horses.  It was very well done and we must make it an annual visit!

A good time was had by all, and though we didn’t do anything ridiculously crazy this time (like do YMCA in the middle of the night), it was a great trip, perfect weather, great horses, good company, beautiful trails (tho next year carrying clippers should be mandatory!).  And no, we did not get any oysters for the barbee this time….we’re still waiting for Nick Warhol to come join us because he owns the permanent role as the oyster king!