Charles Wilhelm Clinic, June 2005
by Jane Hart

Charles Wilhelm held a special clinic for our members at his wonderful and picturesque facility in Castro Valley on June 5, 2005.

There were eleven participants: Jessica Bovee-Thorp, Diane Offutt, Sharon Sterud, Carol Mingst, Jane Brooksure, Joanne Swift, Roger Brown, Jean Schreiber, Jan Carlise, Sandy Kinsella and Jane Hart.

There were a few members that came to observe including Marilyn Russell, Michelle Rosenberg and LeAnn Buckler.

We learned tools and techniques to use on the trail in keeping with the theme "to be safe and have fun."

Training included lessons in the covered arena to help us encounter and conquer obstacles successfully. Here we worked our horses on the ground first with some foundation training, then desensitized with plastic bags and tarps, and later crossed over a tarp under saddle after practicing the one rein stop. Then we went outside to practice handling obstacles. Obstacles provided included a creek, a gate, logs, barrels, bridges of different types, a mailbox as well as a construction barricade.

The group photo shows the Trailblazers after the great trail obstacle clinic with Charles Wilhelm.

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