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Are you wondering what weight trailer you can tow with your California Class "C" Drivers License? Or what other license or endorsement you might need to tow that large horse trailering rig? Visit the TVT California License Classes & Trailer Towing Guide web page for a subset of California's License Requirements.

HORSE AWARENESS and SAFETY CD ROM AVAILABLE: Ideal for Emergency Responders, 4-H and FFA Clubs, Pony Clubs and Horse Councils, new Horse Owners, Horse Stables and Trainers, and anyone who is planning on working around horses or wants to know about them. The CD ROM contains a Powerpoint Slide Show with more than 70 slides; Instructor notes and handouts, The Horse Awareness and Safety book, and directions for setting up a hands-on class.

Michelle Staples teaches CPR, CERT (disaster preparedness) and Horse Awareness and Safety. She is an EMT and a horse owner who has been involved with Standardbred rescue for more than 16 years and lives in remote Northern California.

Order from the website: The cost is $49.50 plus shipping and tax. (707) 882-3912.

HOME and BARN PREPAREDNESS 2007: In view of the recent fires in Southern California, this is particularly appropriate. If you print out the forms in the Emergency Planning Workbook (see link below), take the actions recommended and fill in the information, you will be far ahead of many people. From the website:

September is National Preparedness Month and wants to help you be ready for emergencies and natural disasters. It's easy to be ready!

1) Create an Emergency Plan.
2) Put together a disaster preparedness kit, including first aid supplies for you and your animals.
3) Practice your plan.

Download and print the most comprehensive Emergency Planning Workbook available for horse owners and barn managers.'s mission is to bring awareness of safety issues to the equestrian facility by providing quality educational materials through their website and podcasts., a division Action Safety Education, is dedicated to bringing horse owners and equine professionals up-to-date and useful information regarding the health and safety of their animals.

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFO: An effort has been started to urge all cell phone users to participate in the ICE (In Case of Emergency) campaign by entering the name of your emergency contact under ICE in your cell phone memory, as that would enable emergency medical personnel to contact the person(s) YOU designated as the contact, rather than random friends. Examples: ICE - Mom, ICE - Bob, or ICE - Home. This would enable you to designate more than one person as your emergency contact. This campaign is also moving through the CA Legislature, as ACR 86.